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We're Rabbixel

A design studio run by perfectionists. From layouts to logos, from vectors to videos, we are all rounders in everything that starts from a pixel. We stand by perfection & swear by good design.


We research where you are and where you want to go.


We ideate and create ethical, aesthetic and relevant design.


We discuss the output with you and work on the feedback.


We deliver the final product with 100% satisfaction. On time.

Good Design, real estate banner ad design
Good Design, banner design India

We are global and versatile

The fact that our computers are fixed on our desks has not stopped us from working with people on the other end of the planet. We have worked for clients all across the globe and they are happy to cross the seas once again to work with us.

We are versatile in our work too. We don’t stick to any particular industry. We believe anyone can benefit from good design.

It’s a pleasure

to meet you too

We believe in the magical powers of a pixel. We build images and break perceptions. We dream big and strategize even the smallest detail. We chase brilliance and beat mediocrity. We work on electronic boxes and yet think outside the box. We live like a family and work like professionals. We love what we do and we do what we love.

It’s time to think big

You never know what a small change in design can do to your brand. Work with us to explore the possibilities of what your brand can achieve.

We absolutely love what we do which is why we put our heart & soul into every project and deliver things which we are nothing but proud of.

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