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We are Rabbixel. We develop engaging stories through our designs. Our logos are UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE and CREATIVE.

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    With uncountable amount of data being uploaded to the internet every second, it becomes harder and harder for brands to catch the users’ attention.

    Where Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube exist with their stories, videos and extremely funny gifs, the still image is losing its charm among the ever distracted audience.

    That is why, brands today are lining up to include animation in their branding. The most popular of them is animated logos.

    Animated logos bring your brand logo to life and catch way more attention than normal logos. They are loved by everyone no matter who your target audience is.

    Why animated logos?


    They catch more attention


    They are interactive


    They have a better engagement


    They look more professional


    They raise the brand standard


    They are trendy, creative and forward


    They have a higher response rate

    Types of Animated Logos

    Flash animation logo

    Simple flash animations add fun and creativity to your logos.

    2D animation logo

    2D animation add a sharp, clean and professional twist to your logos.

    3D animation logo

    3D animation adds an expert creative look to your logos.

    Why Choose Us?


    Our creative designing and animation team can design a super attractive animated logo for you that stands out from the competition. Here’s why you should choose us.

    Our team is dedicated to animation and logo designing and they are the best of the lot. They have years of experience in this field.


    We have creatively genius people working with us who will come up with kickass ideas for your animated brand logo.


    We are skilled and talented experts in our field who will give you the top professional quality output.


    We have the latest tools and best technology for creating your animated logo from scratch to finish.


    We customize your logo however you want which means we will work on it again and again till you are completely satisfied with the result.


    We offer reasonable and competitive rates in the market that justify our quality output within committed time.

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    Rabbixel is a passion-driven creative agency for all your brand needs! Unique ideas, Visual artistry, Cutting-edge Designing, Branding.