• Have you ever walked into a store because the poster in the window was very attractive?
  • Have you ever ordered another dish in a restaurant because the menu was looking really pretty?
  • Have you ever bought a carry bag at the counter just because the logo looked f***ing cool?


Good design isn’t just good looking. It makes an impact the moment someone looks at it and drives them to take the desired action. Many people have now started to realize the power that design holds to change things.

Hence, apart from raising sales of brands, good design should also be used to raise awareness in society. Great design grabs attention and that’s all you need from people these days who are easily distracted by a ting on the mobile phones.

People will not just see a beautiful poster and suddenly quit smoking but they will definitely think about it the next time they light a cigarette.

The purpose of design is not to make things look pretty, it is to make someone do something.

  • A powerfully designed poster about a social issue can grab the attention of a passerby and inspire them to take action.
  • A great looking website for a charity can keep someone scrolling and lead them to change someone’s life.
  • An attractively designed pamphlet can compel people to keep reading and cause them to make a donation for someone who really needs it.

Think about it.


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