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Why do you need a graphic designer?

In today’s world, in the midst of overflowing competition, if you don’t stand out, you are out.
The consumer of today is easily distracted and only donates her precious attention to things that are worth it, things that appeal.

It is an old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and you probably might be tired of hearing it by now but it is something to live by if you want to fight for the users’ attention and more importantly their money. Visuals are not only efficient in communicating a message with great impact but they also have a wider reach than text especially when your audience includes people with language and literacy barriers.

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Photo and VIdeo Editing

Photo manipulation is a magical thing, to be honest. We love it and if you are in e-commerce business, we are sure you love it too. If you give us any photo or video, no matter how old, poorly lit or distorted angled, we will fix it! You would not even recognize that it is the same picture that you clicked. We swear. And if you are not much of a photographer yourself, we will be happy to help you with that as well.


One of the hottest trends in the digital world, illustrations can take your brand to new places. They are innovative, creative and appealing to all ages. Illustrations are a unique and fun way to deliver a brand’s message and make it look youthful. We make character designs and illustrations for anything and everything. Our highly talented sketch artists can produce original and adorable illustrations- be it simple or complex, and our super skilled illustrators can make them come to life with amazing colors and designs.

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Logo/Identity Design

There is nothing dearer to a brand than its logo. A logo is what represents you anywhere and everywhere. Our experienced logo designers with their wit and wisdom will create a logo that is ‘the one’ for you. A logo that tells the story of your brand at one look. A logo that will do half the work of selling your brand.

Web and app design

A website is your virtual home and so is your app. We understand that and make sure that it looks classy, fun, clean and welcoming. We create smart websites so that the visitor is compelled to explore it. A good app or website should always be easy to navigate. UI UX design is one of our strengths and we promise you nothing but the best for you virtual home.

Marketing material design

What good are hundreds of flyers if nobody reads them. A good designer knows how to create a design that encourages people to keep reading. If people like what they see, they will look further into it. At Rabbixel, we design all kinds of marketing materials. From billboards to brochures, we got you covered.


Videos are interactive as compared to still images but they are also difficult to make. Here at Rabbixel, we have brilliant animators who can help you with captivating 2D and 3D animation videos, explainer videos, advertisements, motion graphics and other video content.

Why us?

Why should you choose us?

At Rabbixel, we believe that passion and hard work is a solid combo. Both are a waste without one another.

We are a team of graphic designers, sketch artists, illustrators and creative individuals who will not only help you acquire customers by making you look pretty damn amazing but we will also help you retain your hard earned customers by keeping your look consistent and evolving your brand image with changing trends.

After a deep competition analysis, we brainstorm on the brand’s problem. And only after getting a brilliant idea, we run with it.

Fulfilling the client’s wishes and sticking with the deadlines are the two things we never compromise with. In fact, sometimes we work at super speed and deliver the projects in impossible timelines.

Although we are pretty young in the industry, we have had the great fortune of working with some of the best brands of the world. Our list of happy clients knows no boundaries as we have worked with all kinds of industries all over the world. We have worked with big billion brands and with freshly brewed startups as well.

Apart from state of the art visual design, we also offer constant client support. Believing that the client is everything is at the core of our organization.



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