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Offerings inside the festival package

Now is the best time to evaluate and embrace new changes to get your business on board in the festival season of Diwali, Black Friday, and Christmas. With intense market research, we are here to offer you the best Seasonal Branding Package which includes the following services:

  • A brand new feel to your existing logo with a festive look.
  • 3 Website Slider Banners with wishes/offers for main events like Diwali, Christmas, Black Friday, and New Year or for any specific event as you like.
  • 20 Social media banners for wishes or discounts you are offering this season.
  • Christmas and New Year animated video wish post
  • Social media Profile Pic and Cover design
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Kickstart your business

We are here to offer you the best season special design packages to revive your business and enhance your market visibility.

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Festive feel to your logo

Seasonal branding is very important if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Small integration with a seasonal image or icon can give a better festive look to your logo. In this package, We will retouch your logo – joining it with a festival icon without making it unrecognizable.

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20 Social Media Banners

Social Media becomes more important in the festive season especially in the fourth quarter of the year. We will provide 20 Social media banners to revitalize your sales on social media by posting wishes or discounts you are offering this season. (Post and Story size)

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3 Website Slider Banners

Sliders on your homepage are not just to improve the user experience, but they represent the most important images of your entire website. Our Seasonal Branding Package includes 3 Website Slider Banners conceived by our experienced designers.

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Animated Video Wish Post

It adds huge value to your campaign when you greet your customers with an animated video. This package includes an Animated Video with your logo rendered inside the footage.

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Social Media Branding

Social Media Profile Photos and Cover Images are as Important as your Social Media Posts are. This package includes a set of display pictures and cover photos for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin profiles.

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Have a question?

Festival Package costs USD 299 and the last date to opt for the package is 31st December 2023.

No, Package only applies to the forthcoming festivals.

The client will have to decide the content, concepts, and schedule of posting for all the creatives on his own. The concept indicates the idea behind creative that whether it should be a Sale Graphic, Offer, or Wish Post!

It depends! Video wish posts are a complex process and customization in content is limited to change of logo, text and a few other things. You can’t really insert/delete or alter an entire character or scene from the video.

Yes, you can. You can use alternative festivals to get the full benefit of the deal.

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