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Bharatiya Janta Party won the majority in the Indian General elections in 2014. In 2017, they were about to launch another political campaign in the state of Punjab, when they approached us for the design part of it. The party, in alliance with Akali Dal, wanted people to once again vote for them and make them victorious.

A political campaign of this magnitude had an equal number of deliverables. We designed banners, social media posts, posters for rallies and designs that portrayed the vision of the party for Punjab and urged people to vote for them.


Graphic Design for Bhartiya Janta Party


BJP Punjab

What We Did

Branding, Positioning, Social Media

BJP wants to win in Punjab

Bharatiya Janta Party is all set to win the elections in the state of Punjab and teams up with us to communicate with voters through great design.
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BJP Election Campaigning for Youth Wing
BJP Election Campaigning for Youth Wing

What We Delivered

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