Brownup is a branding project, successfully designed for a client by the team of Rabbixel. The client wanted us to design something that represents the food and beverage van of the client in the best manner possible.

Initially, we decided to make three sketches for the design. The designs were made keeping the core objective of the business in mind. Our client was happy with all the three designs but choose the most appropriate one for the branding.

In the next step, we selected different colors for the brand. The two colors most appropriate for the logo were yellow and brown (of course). As we got the final approval from the client, we gave the final touch to the brand. Further, we carefully did the branding for the client. We did branding for the business cards, envelopes, menu cards and more. Our sole purpose was to give our best to the client. In order to attain maximum satisfaction, we offered thorough updates to the client.

Throughout the process of branding the project, we made sure to define the exact image as desired by the client.




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