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As an imaginative species, we imagine ourselves being in different avatars- a policeman, a doctor, a movie star, a different gender, a rich person, a business tycoon and what not. When Flochat- the instant messaging app wanted something similar for its bot- Floda, they approached us for the task.We nailed the task and the new avatars were a hit among the users. While Floda rocked the look of many different personalities, including famous Bollywood ones, his unique Flodan identity was clearly visible from a good distance.


Flochat App Stickers


Yagerbomb Media Pvt. Ltd.

What We Did

Character Design, Illustration, Icon Design

Floda wants new avatars

Flochat works with us to increase the popularity of its bot, Floda, by creating new avatars using top of the class illustrations.
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Application sticker creations
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Apps icons characters Designing
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