Oyster is a logo and branding project, designed by the team of Rabbixel. The concept behind the project was to design a logo for a travel insurance website specifically for the students. After a deeper dig into the business, our designers came up with a logo that has the face image of a human being, collaborating with an ‘O’ – taken from the word Oyster. We wanted to design something that attracts the young generation and can easily connect with them.

The client was more than happy with the concept that we brought for the logo design. After the approval, we vectorized the logo to design a flawless logo. The next challenge was to select the right color for the logo. As you know, colors play an important role in a logo design, thus, wanted colors that just the perfect for the logo. After some discussion, we picked three colors – turquoise, slate grey with a secondary color orange. Next, we selected the right typography to match our client’s needs.

For branding Oyster, we had a clear picture in our mind to highlight the reality in a glance. We made sure to make the illustrations look fun, covering the primary objective. The client was quite happy with the illustrations.

While working on the project, we kept an eye on the core objective to achieve desired results.

Increase in revenue since redesign launch
Increase in conversion
Decrease in checkout abandonment




Logo Design
Landing Page




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