The Sustainable logo has been developed by the team of Rabbixel. The logo was created for the purpose of branding the business. Considering the motive of an inclusive business, we had to create a logo that describes the objective of the business in its truest form.

The goal of an inclusive business is to benefit the low-income communities, and therefore, the client’s requirement was to design a simple yet effective logo. As we moved ahead with the concept, we wanted to create a logo that is round in shape that resembles sustainability. Keeping the shape in mind, our designers came up with six different logo designs for the client.

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Inclusive Business


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After selecting the logo, now we had to pick the most appropriate font matching the sustainable image. As branding is most successfully done by the medium of a logo, we were extremely careful about the font style. We offered a few font styles to the client in order to select the most appropriate. In the end, a font was finalized for the logo.

Throughout the process, our focus was to create a memorable logo keeping all the essential aspects into consideration.

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    Give your business a raise! Contact us now and we will help you right away.

    Logo Construction

    We created the vector form of the logo to develop a flawless design. Here’s an insight into how we constructed the design.

    Rounds Challenge

    Our efforts were to design a logo that is round in shape and for that, we presented six designs to our client.