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We are Rabbixel. We develop engaging stories through our packaging designs. You’ll definitely love our UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE and CREATIVE package design skills.

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    The Art of Packaging

    Packaging design is an art mixed with a little bit of science. While the design has to be aesthetic and creative, it also needs to be functional and relatable to the target audience. After doing a bit of research about what your target audience digs and what your competitors are doing with their package, you can start thinking outside the box about how to design your box. Packaging design is fun and full of innovation as you can come up with ideas that defy the conventional packaging designs and make something completely crazy like this industrial design packaging below.

    Custom Packaging Design

    Packaging is not just about selling the product, it is also about selling an experience to the customer after he/she has bought the product. A product package can rationalize the decision of spending a fortune on a luxury product. You wouldn’t give someone a diamond in a cardboard box, will you?

    Why packaging design is so important?

    Better packaging translates into better sales and vice versa. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to know this. Brands who pay attention to their packaging details end up having the bigger slice of the market. A lot of shopping happens as a result of impulsive buying. And appealing packages can really tip the scales in your favour when it comes to that.

    What is a good packaging design?

    A good packaging design does not just have to be attractive but it also has to be effective. It has to grasp the user’s attention, while also communicating the main message of the product. Some packages also need to clearly communicate the instructions of product usage. Even that can be a challenge as you have to make sure that the overall design should not be affected by the necessary text like ingredients and directions of usage. Also, designing the packaging template takes some industrial knowledge. It is important to know how to manufacture the package (whether to make a box, a bag, or a bottle etc.) and how it will function once it is out there on shelves. The package also needs to keep the product fresh and free from contamination. There are a lot of factors to consider before starting off with the visual of the packaging design.

    How to make a good packaging design?

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    To kill it with your package is quite a bit of task. Below are some things that are ingredients for a successful package design.

    1. Functional: First of all, your package should be functional to use. What good is pure argan oil with a fancy label in a thin cardboard bag? Choose your package type, shape and material according to your product. See what your competitors are doing and try to make your package even more convenient.

    2. Unique: What is it that makes your product stand out? Sometimes, it is the package. Think of your package as a small billboard. Wouldn’t you want to make it as attractive and creative as possible? Try to play with the product and the package as much as possible to catch the attention of a passerby shopper.

    3. Honest: The most important thing that your package should be is honest. Stay away from misleading visuals and claims. Keep everything as true to the product as it can be. If you have a chocolate chip cookie inside your package, try to show it as similar as possible on the outside as well.

    4. Feasible: It wouldn’t be feasible to design a kickass package that ends up being costlier than the product itself. It will take nullify all the profits from the sale of the products and also be unreasonable if added to the MRP of the product. So, make sure your package idea is cost effective for you and the buyers.

    Package it right!

    Packaging design is like an elevator pitch that your product makes to the people who are shopping. Before you can charm your customers with your product, you have to make them buy it. And to get picked up from a shelf and go into a customer’s shopping cart is not a cakewalk, especially if you are a new brand instead of a habitual purchase. Why would someone ditch their usual brand of milk to give your carton a try? Maybe, a bottle instead of a carton will work or maybe a transparent packaging might draw their attention. The point is that it is important to stand out from the crowd and your package (or Packaging design companies) can do that job for you.

    Some examples of amazing packaging designs

    Packaging is not just about selling the product, it is also about selling an experience to the customer after he/she has bought the product. A product package can rationalize the decision of spending a fortune on a luxury product. You wouldn’t give someone a diamond in a cardboard box, will you? You would instead place it in a nice velvet or leather finish box with a classic pattern on the inside. The luxurious the package, the luxurious the product looks.

    A good package design also needs to be functional and useful. Some packages solve a consumer problem by designing the package in such a way that it is extremely convenient to use the product.

    While some packages can be used as something else after the user is finished with the product (like a milk bottle that can be turned into a vase later on), others can be clever so as to make an impression on the user.

    Packaging design can also be used smartly to send the message about the product. There is nothing that says ‘fresh juice’ than the packet designed as the fruit itself.

    Juicy Pro

    Juicy Pro

    Premium Flour Packaging

    Premium Flour Packaging

    SYNC – Treat for Dogs

    SYNC – Treat for Dogs

    Starbar Granola Bar Packaging

    Starbar Granola Bar Packaging

    Real Estate Car Wrap Design

    Real Estate Car Wrap Design

    Porcini Food Packaging Design

    Porcini Food Packaging Design

    Niconi Box Package Designing

    Niconi Box Package Designing

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