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Logo and Branding Design

What your company looks like and how it behaves (Skin of your Brand).


The process of refreshing an existing brand identity or creating one from scratch is a rare opportunity to step back from the day-to-day and do some big picture thinking. We uncover and highlight the things that make your company special, then bring them to life with a beautiful and meaningful identity.

Bringing your company to life with unique words and visuals is both exciting and inspiring. It helps you stand out and bring consistency to everything you do.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy guides how your brand should speak, behave and feel like. It creates strong foundations on which everything else is built, including your identity.


We typically start by doing tons of research. We conduct interviews, workshops and desk research to get to know everything about your business, your industry and your audiences.


Once we’re armed with data, we synthesise it into insights and create three key takeaways to drive the new direction of your brand strategy


We then deliver a thorough and insightful research report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the situation. It shines a light on the path forward and the opportunities to grasp.


Following the report, we provide recommendations for a brand strategy consisting of your new tagline, edge, personality, vision, values and so on.

Brand Identity

Armed with your strategic foundations, we can move on to visuals where we explore core brand elements such as colour, typography, patterns and of course, your logo.


We start by discovering the competition, external influencers and new trends to identify aesthetics that could serve as a north star for the new brand.


We explore several possible visual territories and build moodboards around them. It helps determine what vibe you feel most comfortable with.

Art Direction

Once we have a narrower field to play within, it’s time for us to suggest colours, typography, patterns, illustration and photography styles. This is where the direction starts to become more refined.

Visual Guidelines

We wrap things up by finalizing all visual elements and gathering everything into clear, easy-to-use guidelines with usage guidelines, do’s and don’ts that you can pass along to your team.

Brand Assets

Our team works with our freelance friends to create assets that can really spice up your brand – whether you need an explainer video, beautiful illustration or cool 3D graphics.


We’ve helped companies like Canva showcase their new products and features with motion design and explainer videos.


We’ve helped companies like Elevio bring their brand to life with illustrations, adding a bit of flavour and personality.

3D Graphics

We’ve helped companies like Corellium blur the line between real and virtual with awesome 3D graphics.


We’ve helped companies like Baraja bring their product to life in stunning deal with 3D modelling, rendering and compositing.

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