Datababa logo is originally designed by Rabbixel for one of the clients. We wanted to blend the ancient look of a ‘baba’, with digital marketing. The personality had to resemble someone who is overloaded with unique and crazy ideas and is ready to take risks. Further, we wanted our Data Baba to look super cool, so that’s why we added a wink. Keeping everything in mind, our designers created a few sketches and finalized three to be approved by the client.

The client happily selected one of the sketches and asked us to take it to the next stage. Then, our designers carefully vectorized the logo to create a flawless logo. Coming to the color palette, we picked a few colors, out which the two blue shades were finalized for the Datababa character.

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As we settled with the colors, the next hunt was to select the appropriate font for the logo. Based on the client’s needs, our designers carefully analyzed different fonts to match the Datababa image. After a thorough research, we ended up selecting the most appropriate font for the logo.

The whole idea was to create an interesting logo design to compete with the ongoing competition in the industry.
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