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Project Brief

Rabbixel was approached by a client to create a logo for their brand called Datababa. The client wanted the logo to blend the ancient look of a ‘baba’ with digital marketing and represent someone with unique and crazy ideas who is ready to take risks.




Logo Design



Our Approach

We began by creating a few sketches that embodied the client’s vision. We then carefully selected three sketches to present to the client for approval. Once the client selected a sketch, we vectorized the logo to create a flawless design. We then worked on the color palette and selected two blue shades that would best represent the Datababa character.

The Solution

We created a unique and creative logo that perfectly represented the client’s brand. The logo combined an ancient look with a modern twist, showcasing the brand’s focus on digital marketing. The Datababa character looked super cool, with a wink that added a touch of personality and playfulness.

Human Experience

The client was thrilled with the final logo design, which exceeded their expectations. They felt that the logo perfectly embodied the essence of their brand and would help them stand out in a competitive market. The logo design helped them establish a unique brand identity and attract more customers, enhancing their overall business success.

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