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Project Brief

BlueStone Jewellery, a leading Indian fine jewellery brand, approached Rabbixel to create a seasonal branding campaign that would highlight their exquisite designs and quality craftsmanship while promoting the customer experience. The campaign needed to resonate with their loyal customer base while also attracting new customers in India and abroad.


BlueStone Jewellery


Seasonal Branding



Our Approach

To create a successful seasonal branding campaign for BlueStone, we first conducted extensive research on their brand values and target audience. We analyzed their previous campaigns to understand what worked well and what could be improved. Our team then brainstormed creative concepts that aligned with BlueStone’s values and would resonate with their audience.

The Solution

After multiple rounds of ideation, we settled on a concept that showcased BlueStone’s unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship through a winter-themed campaign. We created a series of visually stunning social media creatives, including winter-inspired graphics and animations, and paired them with engaging captions and call-to-actions. Additionally, we created a winter-themed email newsletter and website banner that aligned with the overall campaign theme.

Human Experience

Our seasonal branding campaign for BlueStone Jewellery resulted in a significant increase in customer engagement and sales. The winter-themed graphics and animations resonated with BlueStone’s audience, and the call-to-actions effectively encouraged customers to browse and purchase jewellery products. The campaign also received positive feedback from customers, who appreciated the unique and festive approach to jewellery marketing. Overall, our campaign successfully highlighted BlueStone’s brand values and products while also providing a memorable and enjoyable customer experience.

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