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Brand identity and Logo Redesign for TrepTalks – a website that provides resources and insights for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow an e-commerce business.

Project Brief

At Rabbixel, we had the pleasure of working with TrepTalks on a logo redesign and comprehensive branding design project. Our team was tasked with creating a modern, professional look for the website that accurately reflects its mission and values.




Branding Design



Logo Redesign

We began by designing a new logo for TrepTalks that incorporates a clean, minimalistic style with a bold, eye-catching design. Our team utilized Söhne fonts primarily and Century Gothic and Roboto as secondary fonts to create a cohesive and modern look across all branding materials.

What Else

In addition to the logo redesign, we also created social media banners, business cards, and letterheads to maintain a consistent and professional look for TrepTalks across all platforms. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that the design elements were in line with the company’s brand and message.

Our Experience

we are thrilled with the final result of the project, and we believe that the new branding design for TrepTalks will help them to stand out in the competitive ecommerce industry and attract a larger audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their online businesses.