Innotex is a rubber manufacturer and textile industry that was looking for a new approach to its branding & identity design. With keeping in mind the tremendous history of the company, we wanted to come up with something luxurious, unique and appealing for the brand. For this, first, we worked on the logo to create a primary platform for the complete branding of the project.

We designed three initial concepts for the logo, keeping company’s primary goal in mind. The third design was much appreciated and as we were ready with the logo, we switched to branding. With our creative and skilled designers, we worked on branding in order to maximize the strength of the brand.

The next step was to work on the stationery design of the brand. Our focus was to design stationery that perfectly nails the brand’s requirement. Thus, our key focus was to enhance the complete brand with our designs.

Ultimately, the client was more than happy with the final output.


Innotex – Textile Branding


Digital Signage Industry


Branding & Identity Design
Stationery Design