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How not to suck at Website Design

Every business has a virtual home and it’s called the website. When people hear your name, they hop on the Google bus and come knocking on your door.
Now, unless you are one of those businesses, who don’t give two cents about people (people whom you can turn into customers), here are some tips to make sure you make a great first impression and a long-lasting impact on the visitors.

This is how a good website looks

1. Keep your home clean & pretty
Being neat and clean is not a rule. It is common sense. Don’t stuff your website with…stuff. Use colors that are easy on the eye and design that is simple & classy.

2. Don’t speak too much
Don’t put too much text. No one likes a chatty host. Say less, show more. Put videos and pictures to explain certain things.

3. Let there be room
Be mindful of negative space around things. Make sure there is enough. It makes your website look big and spacious. Place different sections in unity of alignment and make clear distinctions between sections.

4. Put signposts for the loo
You might not want to do it in your real home but for fox’s sake, have fairly visible links to all your other important pages like portfolio, contact, products, services etc. on the top or on the side. Put links for the less important pages, for example careers, team, blog etc. at the bottom (unless you have a really cool team page and want to show it off, of course).

If your visitors love your home, they will end up telling their neighbors about it.
P.S. Simplicity is your key. Never ever forget it.

These are just the basic tips to build a great website. For more, you better come to us!

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