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We are Rabbixel. We develop engaging stories through our designs. Our logos are UNIQUE, ATTRACTIVE and CREATIVE.

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    What is a brand?

    Think of a brand as a person. Whatever the person speaks or does makes an impression about them on other people. The person’s personality creates an image or a perception about them in people’s mind. A brand works the same way. Whatever a company does, whether it is their fancy billboard advertisements, their customer grievances calls, the smell of their store or their facebook reply to a troll, it all becomes a part of their brand. Even the things that are not in your control like a bad comment from a friend forms a perception about you in people’s mind.

    And it is different for every person. While you cannot control what people are telling their friends about you, you can control the kind of impression you make on them. That is what branding is – creating good impressions about your brand. And while most of it is your company’s job, a little (but significant) part of it is ours. At Rabbixel, we create brand and identity design.

    We love working with quirky people who think they can change the world.

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    What is Brand and Identity design?


    Identity design is how your company/brand is visually perceived by people. It includes your logo, your advertisements, your packaging, your social media presence, your business cards, your letterheads, your merchandise, your website, your app, your emails etc.

    A unique mark or symbol that represents your company like your ID


    a unique visual element that conveys the message to your target audience and help you get recognized in a crowd.


    Your handwriting that syncs with the tone of your company.

    Business cards

    Little cards that represent your business.


    Official documents of your company.

    And everything else

    That represents your brand visually like storefront, merchandise etc.

    corporate identity design company

    Who should get it?

    If you are a company, small or large, new or old, and you think that you need to either create or change the perception about you among people, we suggest you start with Brand and Identity design, especially, if you are in an industry where appearance matters a lot, like fashion, retail, food, travel, health, finance, etc.

    How it is done?

    We deep dive in your company’s core and fetch the gem that represents you the best. We strongly believe that a brand’s identity should reveal it’s true personality- what your company stands for. A logo is not supposed to portray your services everytime, sometimes it does a better job at expressing your individuality. (Think Coca Cola, Nike and Apple.)

    Why you should go for it?

    Brand and identity design can work wonders for you because:

    It makes you stand out in a crowd
    It makes you look sophisticated and thus, builds trust
    It keeps your visual branding consistent and makes you memorable
    It makes you look appealing

    So...made up your mind yet?

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