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Dabbawala Web & Branding

Showcasing our recent work for the Dabbawala project, a renowned name delivering home-made food in the traditional tin and aluminium dabbas (tiffin boxes) across the Mumbai region in Maharashtra

Project Brief

For the Dabbawala project, our task was to design a website and create illustrations that accurately represent the client’s unique business and rich history. Dabbawala is a lunch delivery service in Mumbai that has been operating since 1890, delivering home-cooked food to hungry office workers across the city. Our challenge was to capture the essence of this iconic service and bring it to life on the web.


Mumbai Dabbawala


Web Design



Our Approach

To achieve this, we used a combination of bold fonts, Poppins and Badger Valley, along with a striking color scheme of #ED3237, #363435, and #FDF3F3. We also created custom illustrations to showcase the Dabbawala team in their signature white outfits and Gandhi caps, as well as highlighting the iconic lunch boxes used to deliver the meals.


Through our design, we aimed to capture the rich history and cultural significance of the Dabbawala service, while also providing a modern and user-friendly website for customers to order their lunches. We incorporated information about the service’s origins and how it has evolved over the years, including the development of their unique coding system that is still used today.

We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression.


Our web design and illustrations for Dabbawala showcase the unique and inspiring story behind this iconic service, while also providing a functional and visually appealing platform for customers to order their lunches.