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Discover Beats Branding

Showcasing our recent work for Discover Beats, a vibrant YouTube music channel that’s dedicated to showcasing unique songs and artists in an upbeat, positive and attractive space.

Project Brief

Our client, Discover Beats, approached us with the task of creating a brand identity that would accurately represent their YouTube music channel’s mission and values. As a platform dedicated to music discovery and sharing new tracks, music videos, and artist interviews with the community, it was important that the brand identity we created reflected the channel’s upbeat, positive, and attractive vibe.

The Discover Beats channel is a bold and innovative new music channel with a fast pace that delivers authentic, original content to entertain and engage an audience of millions. With a strong emphasis on video content, Discover Beats unites artists with fans through innovative live performances and interviews, which feature groundbreaking headliners. The channel provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents and gives them full creative control over their careers from music to video production and content creation.


Discover Beats


Branding Design



Logo and Branding Design

Our team worked closely with Discover Beats to create a logo and branding design that accurately reflects the channel’s dynamic and engaging nature. We drew inspiration from the channel’s mission to create a bold, colorful and energetic logo that would capture the attention of music lovers everywhere.

The Discover Beats logo features a modern, sans-serif font with a bold, uppercase letter “D” that’s complemented by a vibrant color palette of orange and pink. The color scheme creates a fun and exciting atmosphere, which accurately reflects the upbeat and positive vibe of the channel.


We created a complete brand identity for Discover Beats, which included channel art, social media graphics, and other branding materials. The typography and design elements used throughout the branding are consistent with the logo, creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity that accurately represents Discover Beats’ mission and values.


We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Discover Beats and create a logo and brand identity that perfectly represents their commitment to showcasing unique songs and artists in an upbeat, positive and attractive space. The result is a dynamic, engaging, and modern brand identity that music lovers everywhere can trust and feel excited about.

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