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Professional Custom Logo Design

“If your logo isn’t capable of making a presence in people’s mind, your business is likely to suffer”

Irrespective of your product or service, a professional custom logo design is the heart and soul of a company. If you fail to achieve a good logo, unknowingly the business will attract the wrong audience, which no way going to be profitable.

Our creativity, commitment, and honesty bring brands to life.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a visual identity representing the brand or the company. It plays a vital role in developing a compelling brand identity. Most brands distinguish their identity by using a memorable logo. Most popular brands have a robust logo design thus, making a mark in their respective industry.
A powerful logo has the ability to grab people’s attention while communicating the core purpose of the brand. The best custom design company is the one that uses a fresh and smart approach to reach the heart of customer decisions.

We design timeless logos. Simple, interesting and impactful. Designed with proficiency, love, and creativity, our logos last till eternity.

Why Need of a Good Logo?


Attracts more customers


Communicates brand’s objective


Creates a professional identity


Raise a brand’s online visibility


Builds C2B communication

Types of Animated Logos

Icon Logo

It’s a bold form of logo design. Most brands using this kind of logo are likely to focus on the visual context of the brand. Thus, the logo designed under this category are quite simple and easy to remember. Apple and Twitter logos fall under this category.

Wordmark Logo

Uniquely texted logos that often spell the name of the company or the brand. Custom fonts are specifically created for the branding and marketing collateral of the brand. Facebook, Sony, Disney are some popular examples.

Combination Logo

A blend of both icon and wordmark logo to create a powerful impact is what a combination logo is. This type of logo offers flexibility to either use the icon or the word mark, or both. Adidas and Sprint are common examples of this.

Our Unique Logo Design Process

Understanding the importance of a good logo, we do our best to create eye-catching, UNIQUE and impressive designs. Every brand is different and so are its demands. We deeply analyse the brand and carefully study its needs to create a remarkable logo design for your brand.
Next, we work on the hand sketches to further draw our imagination on a paper/tablet. Once the design is approved, we start working on the color, typography and other areas in detail.


Sketch formation


Client’s Feedback


Edits (if any)





What Makes Us Desirable?

Creativity is the word that describes us best. We’ll design your logo is minimum possible time with utmost satisfaction. We believe in excellence.

With more than 8 years of industry experience, we’re competent to deliver you high-quality services with outstanding results. For us, every client is equally important and therefore, we give utmost attention to each of our clients.

Fast and Efficient

We make a point to deliver quality logos in less than 3 days. Our designers love what they do, making it possible to deliver eye-catching, distinctive and impressive logos for our clients.

Customized Designs

Our client’s happiness is what we crave for, therefore, we tend to design logos that match the need and desire of the brand. We’re more than happy to get tips and suggestions from you.

After Delivery Support

Sometimes, clients need some information regarding the logo design, about its style and so on. We totally understand your queries. We are 24×7 available to assist our clients even after the final delivery. Whatever doubt you have, just text or email us and we’ll get back to you on ASAP basis.


We are an advanced logo design company using the best tools required to generate the most unbeatable logo designs of the time. Being a custom design logo maker, we use the most suitable tools to create our designs.

Regular Updates

We know you’re concerned about your project, anxiously waiting for its completion. Hence, we offer regular update system for all our clients so that they keep a check on the progress of the project.

Logos that customers find irresistible, extraordinary and one of its kind.

Designing is what we live for, eat for and sleep for. We’re madly in love with designs, and at the same time, we completely enjoy our work. Here’s a glimpse of some of our logos presented to the clients.

Blue Stone

Branding of Jewellery Brand

Innotex Brand Identity Design

Branding of Digital Signage Industry

The Wood Petal – Restaurant Branding

Full stack Branding of Restaurant

Looking for Animated Logo Designers?

We value your hard-earned money and assure you 100% attention for every task. We make sure to comply with your requirements, in order to offer the best custom logo design services.


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