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Design can be free. Good design can never be!

Design can be free. Good design can never be.

Good design costs an education that teaches you the principles of design and gives you lengthy assignments to hone your skills.

Good design costs hours of learning in the class, hours of practice at a desk, hours of watching Youtube tutorials on the bus, and hours of trying to finish a project on a Saturday night.

Good design costs money that was poured into funding a college course, buying help books, purchasing a subscription of the best software and installing a working computer system & other tools.

Good design costs hand labor, eye strain, back pain and sometimes mind-numbing stress.

Good design costs sacrifices of movie nights with friends, of the first date with a Tinder match and of countless Sundays that were promised to spend with family.

Good design can never be free.

In other words,

If it’s free, it’s not a good design. Check Our Good Creative Graphic Design Portfolio.