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5 Rules Best Graphic Design Agencies Follow

Graphic design is a term first conceived in 1922 by William Dwiggins. This means that the term is not new to people and was recognized decades ago. Surely, almost every graphic design services company has depth knowledge about this form of art. Despite this, many graphic designers are far from the basics.

Graphic design is an art and art has no limit. However, graphic design is not something to be hung on walls. It is used for marketing purpose, so there need to be certain rules to adhere to communicate effectively.

Having said that, let’s understand some rules followed by the best graphic design agencies and what makes this art more meaningful.

Understands spacing and kerning

Sometimes, everything looks perfect yet there’s something missing. This ‘missing’ part is usually the spacing and kerning.

Kerning is actually the space between the letters of a word, while spacing is the horizontal and vertical space in two or more words. The top design agencies know how a small issue can ruin everything. Thus, are very careful when it comes to spacing and kerning in a graphic design. Additionally, in order to maintain professionalism and develop sincerity towards work, it’s essential to check even the minute detail.

Porcini Food Packaging Design

Know the final audience

You must have seen professional graphic design service providers nail a design ‘perfectly’. Well, they know no magic, all they do is focus on the final audience, for whom the design is being created. Only the professional designers take a step forward and ask the client about the target audience.

There’s a need to understand that you’re aiming for effective communication and it’s not possible unless you know whom to communicate?

Considers grid alignment

Once you know spacing and kerning, the next thing is to master grid alignment. It is primarily applied to elements and not to words. There’s an essential need to properly align all the elements together.

When it comes to designing, often you add and remove elements that impact the deliverables. Therefore, make sure you consider grid alignment properly.


Misterb&B Flyer Design

‘No’ to crowded design

The top design agencies are well aware of the importance of simplicity. Take Apple, for example, you know how simple and clear they communicate. The rule is simple, crowding a design is a big ‘no’.

Further, minimalism helps the designer focus on the core part, instead of wasting the energy on meaningless stuff. By limiting to a few things, a designer can surely create the best out of his creative skills.

Knowledge of color and font style

The importance of choice of colors can’t be ignored. Color discord is the biggest blunder a graphic design company can ever make. Picking the wrong color confuses the audience enhance, creates a poor impression. Additionally, be careful while selecting the font style, as it must compliment the color selected. However, there’s no harm in experimenting with color and font style, just be very sure before finalising it.

Every graphic agency does its best to compete in the industry. However, the best graphic design agencies do make some extra efforts to deliver what’s called an ‘outstanding’ work. If you’re new to the industry, start by brushing-up your basic skills and then move forward.

All the best!