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What Makes Animation so Popular for Logos?

We have moved to an era where static logos are no more popular. People are more inclined to animation, videos, and stuff that is movable. That’s the reason, animated logo designing services develop something new every day to beat the competition.

It’s a fact that people easily get connected to the visual moving aspect of a picture. The reason is quite obvious, it develops a lasting effect one’s the mind.

Why are Animated Logos Popular?

An animation is a form of entertainment. People quite enjoy watching animated visuals when understanding the content. That’s why so many videos are made using animation.

The competition is tough in the market. Customers have so many options that there has to be a strong reason for them to buy your product.

Let’s understand why animated logos are so popular over others.

A Form of Storytelling

Well, logos do not create a fictional story, however, they certainly develop some interest among customers. Animation works as short stories defining the brand. Studies prove that people are more likely to know about the product if its logo looks interesting.

In order to draw more attention and awareness, animated logos are doing a great job.

Better Awareness

Do you ever Google about a brand that looks interesting?

The primary objective of every logo is to develop awareness among people. And animation does it quite well. Nowadays, people like clicking on something that looks intriguing to them. And this is because they do a lot of surfing on the web. If a logo has developed some sort of anxiousness among people, they will definitely click it. Thus, most animated company logo makers use animated version of the logos.

Converts a Complex Message into Simple Form

Sometimes, a brand wants to convey something that isn’t easy to understand. For this, animation can be of great help. It helps in converting the message in a simpler form. This not just hits the customers’ mind successfully, but also develops a strong impression. What else does a brand need?

Elephant animated logo

Assists in SEO

Yes, animated content is useful to solidify the SEO of a brand. By efficiently sharing, backlinking and doing image tagging with animated videos, page ranking gets uplifted. Brands can use an extended version of the animated logo describing the products and use the same for SEO purpose. Google takes note of animated content uploaded on the web and YouTube. And it certainly ranks the content that is dynamic along with having more clicks.

Mobile Friendly

Do you agree that mobile has surpassed the use of desktop to some extent?

A statistic says, more than 10 million people use mobile videos on a daily basis. With more mobile-friendly apps and websites, brands are opting for animated logos that tend to look catchy and interesting. Having a limited access to canvas size, what is accurate for mobiles, animated logos are just what brands need.

Animation content is the new face of logo designing, which certainly makes it compelling. By selecting the best animated logo designing services for your business, you can create an attractive logo. Logo designing is reaching a level every year, thus, it’s essential to put some extra efforts and make the best logo for your brand.

Good luck!