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6 Mistakes in Creating Professional Custom Logo Design for a Brand

Creating a logo is not easy. It’s the identity of a company and one cannot understate the importance of a good logo. In fact, this small symbol is so powerful that brand often needs professional custom logo design services to get one. No matter how great your business is, a logo will surely make a difference in the visibility of your brand.

Even the best designers find it challenging to create some marvelous logo designs. Not every designer nails it perfectly and sometimes, the mistakes are small but create a major difference in the impact of the logo.

We have thoroughly researched and found some common mistakes made while designing a logo. Let’s find out!

Common Mistakes in Creating Professional Logo Design

Following the Trend Blindly

Sometimes, following the trend and the latest concepts is all that a custom design logo maker does. But the trick lies in not doing what other people do. The designs and trends may work for some people but may not work for your business.

Do you realise that trends disappear in a puff of smoke, and does not stay for much time? Thus, simply using a style in a logo merely for the sake of a trend is not recommended. However, you can always take inspiration from the ongoing trends to design an exquisite logo.

Wrong Use of Typefaces

A good typeface makes the logo memorable while a bad one can ruin it. When creating the initial design, the designer should be wise to pick the right typeface, as using several typefaces at one point makes the logo look miserable. The font of a logo is important, along with several other factors. Ideally, it’s good to add two fonts in a logo, but never more than that. The best custom logo design designers follow this rule while designing the logo.

Keep your font according to the nature of your business. Let people recognize your brand and get a strong feeling about its nature from its font.

Bad Color Selection

Color is another important aspect of a logo. Colors have the tendency to psychologically affect humans mind and thus, understanding of colors is essential to create an impressive logo. A designer must pick colors that resonate with the brand’s message. Only after a well thought, a color pattern should be selected for a logo.

Also, your logo should look great in black, white and greyscale. Enhance the look of your logo with the right color for the best results.

Using a Complex Design

Have you ever read, “Through simplicity comes beauty”? This saying perfectly works for logos. In fact, the best custom logo design company aims at making the design simple yet effective for the business. The very purpose of a logo gets disturbed when it has a complex design. Complex designs never win hearts.

A logo with too many colors, more than two typefaces and too many icons make it complex and confusing. Big establishments like Google, Amazon, Apple, and others have one thing in common – simplicity. So, create a logo that is simple yet effective for a brand.

Ignoring Your Target Audience

Sometimes, a designer gets so involved in creating a unique and effective concept that ultimately forgets to target the audience properly.

This often happens that a logo does not always attract its audience and reason behind this is the same. Understanding the audience is a different thing while creating a logo keeping them in mind is different. A professional custom logo design is the one that knows how to relate customers and meaning of the business together. By maintaining the right balance, a designer is able to nail a logo, attracting people towards it.

Focusing too Much on the Competitors

It is possible that you may give all you focus to create a logo that is better than your competitor but not worth your business. As the competition is tough, our more focus has shifted from creating a good logo to creating something better than the competitors. This shouldn’t be the case with you.

Keep your focus centered on your logo to get a great design. Although, getting ideas and knowing what’s your competition is essential, but get too much involved in it. In case you struggle, let a custom design logo maker help you.

All the best!