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Key Elements of a Logo that Makes it Timeless

A good logo appeals to people within a few seconds, establishing a strong impression. It represents the company, tells a story and helps trust a brand. With a professional logo design company, a brand easily gets the exact logo it desires for its business.

A logo must convey the right perspective to customers. If this happens, the company will be at a big advantage when it comes to branding and marketing.


A logo primarily looks like an icon, be it in a symbol form, text or both – it’s the personality of the brand. Every logo has its own story, depicting the core value of the company. However, after constructing the logo with lots of care and research, it must also possess a subtle balance in its nature. Balance clears the message to customers in an effective manner.


A logo must be flexible. Yes, your logo will be used on billboards and on business cards. Thus, it must be feasible for different areas of business that includes website, letterheads, banners, products, posters to name a few.

Most brands approach professional logo design service because of this very reason – to gain utmost flexibility. The modern entrepreneurs work with the aim to scatter their business all over and thus, aim at better flexibility with the logo.

Design a logo that is memorable


In some cases, a logo does not describe what the business does. For an example, a car manufacturer never uses a car picture as its logo. Same applies for a shoe manufacturer.

When brands use icons as logos, they simply wipe out the core objective of business and communicate the ideas via a good icon (without mentioning the name). With a unique icon logo, your business will stand alone amongst others, defining its own identity. Just make sure that a logo with a simple icon needs to undergo through a mental exercise. A simple logo may not be able to draw a good impact on people, thinking it to be too plain. On the other hand, never make it too complex that it loses the message. Even a good icon works well as a professional business logo design.

Color Blend

If you’re planning to use colors, keep your target customers in mind. The colors you use must signify the personality, mood, message of the brand. Pick colors that go well with your message. For example, blue color signifies trust, loyalty and therefore used by banks and finance. Similarly green represents life, cleanliness and nature, thus, is used by environment institutes.

When selecting colors for a logo, understand that it speaks the message of the brand. Additionally, make sure that the color used looks good on websites, business cards, letterheads, and other business entities. Additionally, using too many colors will increase the cost production when using for printing stuff.

Let your logo impress customers with its first look


Use vectorise style while designing a logo as most professional logo design service company does. It’s the best way to achieve a clean, effective and neat logo design. The good news is that a properly drawn vector design will offer you flexibility. Vector based graphics work well for logos. However, unless you use your logo outside an on-screen/online application, a PSD or JPG won’t cut it.

With a vectorise form, it’s quite easy to alter the changes needed before finalising heading with it.


Selecting the right calligraphy is crucial. The calligraphy is used to communicate and thus, be careful about it when making the choice of calligraphy. Your logo should be readable and fit the needs of the brand. See if the letter spacing is appropriate. Is your calligraphy be read in small sizes? While selecting the right calligraphy for a logo, the impact will be great.

Considering the competition in the market, getting the right calligraphy will make a big difference in the brand’s image and how people consider it.

Your logo is your identity – work creatively on it.


Last but certainly not the last is branding. Your logo plays an imperative role in branding the product in the market. Ask a professional logo design company and it will explain you the importance of a logo in branding. Right from the start to finish, a logo is used in every point of branding. In fact, professional design companies have seen a drastic change in the demand for logos.

With the right logo design, even your marketing strategy would be influential multiple times. Are you skeptical? You won’t be once you grab the right logo for your brand from a professional logo design service company.