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Your brand’s big day!

Preparing for your big day, you have consulted the experts to make sure everything is top quality and perfect just as you deserve it. This day is particularly close to your heart, as after all, you are finally launching your brand. The first and foremost thing that everyone’s going to see is your brand identity. Your brand’s identity is the only thing that is going to make the first impression on your newly found millions of potential customers. The way your brand looks, the way it talks, the packaging, everything has to be spot on. You have been preparing for it for months taking help from the best of designers and making sure you love every bit of it and hoping people do it too.


Creating your brand identity is quite similar to getting married. Isn’t it? You want to do it right the first time because after all, it is a one time thing. (Well, mostly it is.) And whether you like it or not you are going to be stuck with it for as long as decades. The longer you are associated with it, the harder it gets to ditch it. You can’t go on completely changing your identity every few years because for starters, it’s damn expensive and also, it honestly doesn’t help your image much. If you change your logo and corporate identity design overnight, your customers are going to take some time getting used to your new looks just as a kid has a hard time getting used to a stepmother.


The point is that never take your brand identity lightly, ever. It is better to wait and make sure you have done your research, taken everything into account, consulted the best of experts and chosen the best of elements. What matters the most is that you love the way your brand looks. Unless you love it yourself, you can’t expect other people to love it. Some people are not satisfied with their brand identities and they decide to just create a new one out of the blue which leads to a huge consumer base loss because people don’t like their favorite brands changing. People resist change. So, it is better to tweak it a little every few years than getting a plastic surgery suddenly and creating major trust issues among your customers. It does work for some brands which are extremely popular and have a super strong and loyal customer base like Apple. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Anyway, the bottom line is that when it comes to creating an identity for your brand, don’t hurry. Tread lightly and carefully. Enjoy the process. Do it right the first time and make it last a lifelong.


To a happily ever after for your brand and its identity.