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5 books you shouldn’t read as a graphic designer

Books are so yesterday now, right? Why would anyone read books for knowledge when hundreds of youtube tutorials are available a thumb away. I mean, who wants to learn from knowledgeable experts at the top of their fields who have such great information to share that even publishers agreed to print it into books unlike Youtube which doesn’t require any content quality criteria as long as it’s appropriate for kids. No offense, there are some great Youtubers that teach you graphic designing for free.

But learning it from top graphic designers gives you an edge over your competition and makes you more professional (also makes you sound more professional) and duh, what difference would that make? So, here are 5 books a graphic designer shouldn’t bother to read, ever.

#1 How to

Don’t listen to the legendary Michael Bierut revealing his philosophy of great design. In this lauded book, he shares deep insights into his creative process and struggles faced by designers to come up with innovative ideas. And who needs a lecture on how to use design to sell things, am I right?

#2 Logo design love

If your work includes creating visual identities such as logos for brands, you wouldn’t want to read this best selller. Logo design love is an invaluable book about how to create strong visual identities. I would say this book should be at the top of your ‘Don’t read that’ list.

#3 Thinking with type

Thinking with type is a perfect guide for those who aspire to excel in the art of typography. Not for you, I guess. The book is an amazing example of how to use typography in visual communication, from prints to digital diving as much into detail as the use of small caps and enlarged caps. Now, what would someone gain from that?

#4 Making and breaking the grid

Ignore the wisdom of construction and deconstruction of grid based designs. What will you benefit from pages and pages of great artworks and designs from different decades and styles. And the explanation about their use and effect is really upto no good.

#5 Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything

Lastly, do you think you really need an insight into the life of Aaron Draplin, the most prolific graphic designer of all time? His adventures, his process, his observations, his works combined with his hilarious commentary is just something that is meant for anyone who loves design. Bet you will pass, won’t you?