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Creative Company Logo Design Ideas to Try

Which is your favorite logo?

The most loved logos are interesting, beautiful, memorable and witty. All creative business logos have some sort of creativity in it. A well-thought logo can make an impression and become a popular icon for a business. Most logos are designed in a way to present the core purpose of the brand while attracting people at the same time.

However, a good logo doesn’t have to be elaborative or expressive even subtle look works perfectly sometimes. While the answer to which logo design is the best for your business can be tough to answer, there are some ideas that can help you create an intuitive logo.

Creative Logo Designs to Try Out
Here are some creative ideas to inspire your next logo design:

Impressive pictorial design

Pictorial logos have been used for a long time now still they’re underrated. It simply elaborates the meaning of the logo in a pictorial form. Sometimes, the picture describes the unsaid meaning of the brand such as a tree implying strength and longevity, a bull implying energy and so on.

Pictorial logo designs look elegant, cute, classy and playful. Some of the pictorial logos have also become popular among people just because of their simplicity, for example, bird logo of Twitter.

Honestly, when made properly, pictorial logos leave a greater influence on people.

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Powerful wordmark design

It’s a great way to style a word. This design is the result of modification and creativity, nicely presented in the form of words. Irrespective of the simplicity, it has been used by several eminent brands. It makes the logo simple yet giving a creative touch to it.

When using this design, make it clear and recognizable. Brands such as Unlock, E-Fly, Tiny Mouse Design, Adjika, etc. have succeeded with this design.

Symbolic emblem design

Some creative company logo designers follow this style to offer a distinctive look. It offers a vintage feel, something that instantly connects the customers. It can be elaborate or simple. Whatever style you follow, it gives a warm feel to the observer.

Leather and Wood Shaving Co. and Goat Island Oyster Company are some brands that have used this logo design.

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Immensely creative mascot design

This is one of my favorite logo designs. A designer loves to show off his/her creative skills and this logo design is just the perfect to brush up the creative skills. It gives the ability to present the purpose of the brand in a fun and interesting manner.

A mascot is presented in both a character and a logo form. The benefit of this design is that you can develop a mascot as a logo for your brand. Interestingly, if your brand’s objective allows you to do so, you can create some really entertaining logos. For inspiration, check out logos of Cloudy and Fabreasy.

Let me tell you that picking the right design is not an easy job. It takes a good research, patience and many cups of coffee to create an impressive logo design. For a creative logo design company, check the most popular ones and see what makes them special. You may get some more ideas for your own design.

Keep creating and showing your artistry skills as ‘creative’ is the alternate name of a logo designer. All the best!