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5 Mistakes Ruining Your Brand Identity

A brand’s image is everything. However, even if you hire the best brand identity consultant, your identity is in your hands. No one other than you can make or break your brand’s identity.

Well, no brand is happy to ruin their own identity by choice. Sometimes, they make mistakes unknowingly, after all, we are humans and not robots. But have you ever wondered how you may hurt your brand? There are chances that the problem exists but you haven’t figured it out yet.

List of Things Ruining Your Brand Identity

Have a look at the mistakes that are ruining your brand identity:

Ignoring your audience

Customers are the king. They have the power to take your brand to the top or stamp it as ‘poor’. Although the importance of customers’ happiness has been realized for some years now yet less focus is given to their feedbacks. Negative feedbacks give birth to negative word of mouth, which slowly destroys the trust among the customers.

If you have the habit to occasionally ignore your customers or audience, you’re inviting people to influence your brand identity. That’s the reason big companies have a separate department for handling customer grudges and complaints.

Ignoring your audience

Inappropriate brand identity design

Every brand wants to make some space in people’s heart. But have you ever thought, it’s possible to get a wrong approach for a design? Well, this happens.

Due to poor research, there are chances a brand ends up creating an inappropriate design, thinking it to be perfect. Most acknowledged identity design service agencies admit that not all brands have a clear vision while developing an identity design.

Pro tip: Have a clear purpose and study your audience thoroughly, before approving the design.

Inconsistent brand image

Your brand is how people see your business. It must be consistent and positive so that it can easily be differentiated among competitors.

However, an inconsistent brand image shows the weak and poor functioning of the brand, which ultimately confuses the potential customer. And a confused customer is no way going to invest in your product.

For example, you used a light color shade in a logo design for a project, but the same logo had a slightly different color on the social media platform. A customer will assume when you can’t manage on your work, how on earth can you do someone else’s.

Poor website looks

Too much focus on monetary goals

Yes, we all work for money. But don’t keep it as the sole objective of your brand. Nothing attracts people more than a concerned business who thinks about people. You don’t have to be a philanthropist company showering dollars every now and then, even small efforts count.

Start a campaign for old aged people or offer free health check-ups for women and children. You’ll surely see how magnificent change these small acts can bring to your brand’s image.

Poor website looks

Your website look is the first impression for a client and a customer. Giving a poor display will badly impact your brand. I’m not talking about the speed. Even moderate speed can do perfectly sometimes.

Focus on giving the best design to your website, according to your product/service. Additionally, aim for an organized, high quality, uncluttered website for optimum results.


Some mistakes happen by ignorance while other happen unknowingly. Taking help from branding and identity design services will provide quality logos, website designs while understanding the need of customers will attract more towards the brand.