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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Brand Identity Design

Designing the identity of a brand is one of the crucial steps in the formation of a brand. This is the key reason why companies invest so much time in selecting a brand or corporate identity design service agency.

To succeed in today’s market and deal with the flexibility of this fast-changing world, a brand management system is something much needed. Brand identity is being reinforced and presented to display the potential components of a brand. Therefore, a design must adhere to this. It should clearly speak about the objectives of a brand while attracting potential customers.

In short, a brand’s identity design should be clear, attractive and creative.

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So what all you should consider while selecting the brand identity design?
To wrap up in one line, a brand identity design is everything that has good typography, color and logo. Let’s understand in detail:

Clear brand message

The basis of every identity design is laid on its purpose. The biggest reason why a brand exists. Know the reason why a brand is built? Whom does it want to approach and what is that one thing that differentiates a brand from others.

Once this is known, it’s easy to develop a logo, color pattern and typography. Arielle Jackson, veteran and startup founder of Google puts it together very well. He says, “Your purpose is how you want to change the world for the better”.

Let your brand’s design speak up for itself and you focus on other fields of marketing.

Know your market

You might have heard about this a lot many times before, it’s due to the fact that it’s inevitable. To hit the market effectively, you must have the complete knowledge of the people you target.

Let me tell you one secret. Sometimes, your market goes beyond what you expect. It would be great if you know the potential customers, their problems and solutions. This will not just let you know the market but also their needs and desires. For this, go for surveys, campaigns to government resources.


A powerful logo

Brands these days take help of corporate identity consultants to solidify its worth in the market. After all, winning over the cutting-edge competition is certainly not an easy job.

A logo is the centre of a brand’s identity design. It is that part, which is exposed to people the most. You must have noticed Disney’s logo. What do you feel the moment you see it? To most, it appears to be fun, nostalgic, magical and interesting. Similarly, take Apple for example. It appears simple, authentic and trustworthy. Something that the brand wants its customers to feel.

These brands have nailed it by giving a clear picture of their brand. To create a powerful logo, keep it simple and unique. When you look at the world’s most famous logos, you will see the level of simplicity they contain. And surely, a logo is not something that leaves people ambiguous.

Color pattern and typography

To adapt the right color, the best way is to choose any out of anyone three primary colors. However, if you have a different strategy, make sure you deliver the message appropriately. Color psychology says that red color resembles, passion and excitement. That’s why Coca-cola has picked this color. Similarly, every color leaves some meaning and needs proper application.

Another important aspect of brand identity design is typography. Getting the right typography is equally important as using the best color. Believe me, fonts leave a strong impression. Use fonts that are readable, have the right size and mix well with the logo and the color pattern.

Keeping these points in mind will help you design a good brand identity design. However, it is advisable to consider corporate identity design services for a better outcome.