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How to get into someone’s shopping cart?

Consider a shelf full of milk cartons in a supermarket. A customer enters the aisle. He looks at the neatly stacked lines of bright and appetizing milk cartons. And he takes his two eyes scanning the whole shelf in one go like a CCTV camera. Well, he doesn’t have much time to read what every carton says. Right? He has to go back home and watch TV. It’s a Sunday, for God’s sake. Back to the shelf and the scanning eyes, can you make them stop at your product? Can you make him pick up your package and flip it over to read more and then possibly make him put it in his shopping cart? Can you? Well, if your package looks damn good, we would say your product is gonna get picked!

Anyway, did you know that most of the first impressions made by your brand to its customers are through visuals? Now, wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could bag every customer possible at this very point? Think about it, the first 5 seconds when you customer makes eye contact with your brand, you have the full power and complete freedom to talk to him in such a way that he almost certainly falls in love with you. What you are pitching to him is very important and while we are assuming you have hired a very good copywriter for the lines, we are hoping you also hired a very good designer for the visuals. Good luck!