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5 things clients love

There are many things apart from discounts that a client loves to get from any creative graphic design agency. These are the things that if you shower on your clients, will make them most definitely come back to your agency like a loyal friend. We call them the Client Treats.

Warning: Kindly feed the clients with these treats at your own discretion as once they are given, they create expectations in the future and may be difficult for you to maintain as your workload increases. We have had no problem so far, touchwood.

1. Quick response

Clients love agencies who respond like a crazy lovebird. The best time to reply to a client is immediately. They love it, they really do. Always remember that the client is talking to a lot of your competitors for the same project you are bidding for. So, it’s first come, first serve basis.


2. No changes

Clients absolutely love when you give them a perfect output in the first attempt. Who doesn’t love getting satisfied on their first time, right? If you give them something that needs a lot of changes, clients would rather go hire the other person who is already very close to what they need. Sounds time-saving to you too, right?

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3. Changes, changes, changes

By Adobe’s grace, if you have already bagged the client and are in the middle of the project somewhere where you have realized that the client is giving you more changes than a new government policy, you have no option but to either work on all the changes or dump the project completely. We are guessing the client does not like the latter option and neither does your bank account. So, work, work and work brothers.

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4. Reviews

You love it when your clients review you. Don’t you? Everybody likes to be praised, especially publically. It is the century of reviews. Everyone reads a review before buying something. So, if you loved working with your client, do leave a good review and if you didn’t, still leave a good review. It increases goodwill and your relationship with the client. You want them to remember you with good memories, right?

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5. Output before deadlines

Finishing early is not frowned upon everywhere. Your clients love it when they get the output before the deadline rings. It’s like a beautiful surprise for them as they get a buffer time to explore any possibilities of changes in the artworks. Just kidding, if you give them the perfect thing before time, they will bless you with more projects. And they really start respecting you when you are punctual.


These client treats are certain to give you an edge over your competitors. Unless you prefer a one night stand over a long-term relationship with your clients, we suggest you incorporate them in your services ASAP.

Till next time!