Logo Design Services

What is Importance of a Logo?

A logo is unquestionably the most important part of a brand’s identity. It is what visually represents the brand everywhere. Never mistake a logo for a random good looking symbol of your brand, in fact, it is a storyteller that conveys your brand message to the target audience. It tells what your brand stands for.

Think of the Nike Swoosh and the Amazon logo. They might seem simple but are actually telling the core values and offerings of the brands. And that is why logo design services are held in high regard by businesses. It is very important to get that perfect logo designed by a graphic designer who knows what it takes to make a logo that works.

What a Logo does?

Represents the company

Conveys the brand message

Makes the brand recognizable

Builds professionalism and trust

All types of Logo

Not every business wants to trigger the same kind of feelings in its customers’ minds, which is why different brands go for different types of logos as follows.

Wordmark (aka logotype)

Sometimes the name of the company is so unique that it works best to use that in the logo. Think of Coca Cola and Google.

Lettermark (aka monogram)

When the name is too big for the logo, it is better to go with the initials. Also, initials have a better chance of recall as they are short and catchy. Eg. NASA, IBM

Pictorial (aka brand mark)

Using a symbol to represent your brand and build a personality through an image. This has worked wonders for some brands. Twitter’s bird and Apple’s bitten apple are great examples.


Sometimes instead of using a symbol, you want to create something that is your own. Abstract logos give more chances of creativity as you come up with your unique symbol. Eg. Adidas and Pepsi


Using a mascot in the logo is great way to relate to many people and build a successful brand ambassador. Mascots can also be made into real life characters later for brand promotion. Eg. KFC and Pringles


Some brands want to look traditional and thus go with crests, badges, and seals. Emblem logos are great for making a sophisticated impact. Eg. Harley Davidson
Educational brands like Harvard are also a great example for this.


You can also choose more than one type and go for combination logos. Eg. Dove and Lacoste

Want something more than just a logo?

Why Choose Us?

At Rabbixel, we understand the importance of a logo and the crucial aspects of it. We are a team of experienced and highly talented designers who know which logo works and why. With a deep knowledge and clear understanding of the whole process, we dive into a company to come up with the best logo that it can wear. We also promise an original and unique logo according to your need. Whether you want a creative logo or a more subtle one, we assure you love at first sight when it comes to delivering your logo. We think of every new project as a challenge and give our best to nail it.