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Importance of Creative Product Packaging Design (Trending Package Designs)

Your product may be the reason why you stand out over your rivals, but branding and packaging is the soul of a product. It’s the reason why customers are drawn towards it and something that pushes them to go through its description. Today creative product packaging design is dominating the marketing industry.

The two terms ‘branding’ and ‘packaging’ go hand-in-hand. Only the perfect amalgamation of the two can bring out an effective outcome.
Primarily, a product’s packaging should answer these three questions:

● What is the product?

● For whom is it created?

● What should someone buy it?

Packaging not only sets a stage for the brand but the first the very experience with the brand. While unpacking the product, a customer either has a negative or a positive experience. There’s nothing amid it. A smart marketing strategy involves everything from branding, labeling to promoting and packaging. You can’t afford to miss even one of these.

Customers are now more discerning and sophisticated than any other era. Further, there’s a high level of competition among different brands. And product’s packaging is something that can create a powerful impression on potential customers.


Impressive package design trends in the market

Vintage (a sophisticated packaging)

In this fast-changing world, some people stay low-key enjoying the beauty of vintage things. Every company makes sure to give the best to their esteemed customers.

Recently, certain companies offered a vintage collection that had old designs. These designs showed trust, longevity and quality in the brand. If your brand holds a minimum of 100 years of experience, vintage style can bring authenticity and reliability amongst the customers. Try it!


Limited edition (and customised packaging)

Product packaging design companies don’t miss even a single opportunity to target the customers. Limited edition packaging style never fails (when done rightly). This design is a good way to peep into the customers’ loyalty towards a brand.

Fashion and clothing industry takes the most benefit out of this kind of packaging. Sephora, a France-based multinational personal care brand offered a bold packaging design in the Mother’s Day campaign last year. It was a big success after covering almost 15 countries and over 600 stores.

Nutella is another similar example in this. They used almost seven million unique graphic design stamping for every bottle differently. How exciting, isn’t it?

Creative Product Packaging Design

Eco-friendly package

A study says that Americans are more interested in buying eco-friendly products. In fact, More than half of Americans believe in buying eco-friendly products due to alarming nature concern.

Rational customers feel responsible for protecting our mother earth from toxic chemicals. More buyers are shifting to eco-friendly and reusable products. Several brands are also making an effort to offer eco-friendly packaging to minimize non-biodegradable waste.


Bold color package designs

Nothing better than bold colors can stand out your brand from the competing noise of the rivals. It’s a great way to highlight your brand.

When used creatively, bold colors allure the eyes of almost every buyer. And if the product comes with unbeatable features, there’s no way it could fail to impress. The competition in the coming years is going to get tougher, and in order to leave an impression, a brand must understand the market thoroughly. A good product with an icing of bold colors, dipped in creativity can always be on the ‘things to experiment’ list.


Points to remember while creating a packaging strategy:

1. Keep it durable and easy to open.
2. Use appropriate colors to build a good relation with the customers.
3. Creating eco-friendly packaging is always a ‘yes’.

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Keep your packaging unique and eye-catching. Remember, if your packaging cannot prompt interest in a customer, it’s unworthy to use. A branding and packaging design is a crucial aspect for every product. So, consider everything in your selection process.