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5 Logo Design Trends Leading the Industry (that you must know)

Why do you think most brands pay respect to logos? There is certainly a strong reason why they are ready to shed dollars for a logo. Today the best logo designing agencies know their worth.

A logo works as the facade of a brand. It defines the brand and strengthens its worth. It is everything that makes a brand appear attractive and one of the key reasons why some customers make their first purchase.

Leading Logo Design Trends in the Industry


1. Fun and energetic

It’s always good to experiment with logos. And being humans, we do like some kind of fun in our lives. That’s the reason, funky, fun and energetic logos are getting popular everywhere. Have a look at the logo of brands like Radpaw, Tipsy Tankard to name a few. You can see how creatively they have used the animals to display the brand.

I’m quite sure that this design is the result of experiments and would go a long way.

Fun and energetic

2. Style in typography

Typography has always been a leading choice for logos. But this time, there’s a mix of creativity and modification to bring out some phenomenal designs through it. You certainly can’t ignore the logos of ‘Live Slowly’, ‘Pets in Tech’ and ‘Jamie Groom’ photography. These brand are simply nailing the customers with their simple yet gorgeous logos. However, to draw such great logos, you need to light-up the artistic skills in you.

Style in typography

3. Architectural designs

Graphics and architectural design walks hand-in-hand for centuries now. However, they are back in the market with an all-new ‘avatar’. The inspiration of this logo design is certainly the physical space, associated with the brand. Also, it looks great the way the physical space is crafted on the digital platform. They bring out a feel for the brand and adds a luxurious touch to it. Even a professional logo design service company is confident to show the bright side of this design. Sometimes, it draws people’s attention just because of the unique balance between the architect and the digital design.

Architectural designs

4. Masking and layering

Definitely a sophisticated pattern that reveals and contains content within the shapes. It often looks simple and subtle at the same time. The good thing is that there’s a lot of scope for ‘test and try’ in both conceptual and abstract version of this logo design. You can see the design in Gustav Almestal logo. It beautifully describes the brand by displaying the shadow and light concept.

Masking and layering logo

5 Geometric designs

This design is actually a combination of typography and geometric format. Well, simplicity is still an essential part of the logo design industry. This design has many advantages such as easy readability, versatility and style. An interesting example of this logo design is that of ‘Ogeborg’ and ‘Rush Talent’ logos. From Ogeborg’s logo, you can easily judge that it’s about interior design. Great, isn’t it?

It would be great to try these designs in your upcoming logos. Surely, these logo designs are interesting for the customers, at the same time, lucrative for the clients. Just one thing, no matter which style you choose, make sure you leave a clear message about your brand. Even the best logo designing agencies use this trick.

Good luck!

Geometric designs