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We combine creativity and ideas with a dose of intelligence, taking brands to a new level to reach out people through an emotional connection.

    What is 7 + 9

    Who we are?

    CREATIVE and quirky designers.

    We know what a corporate logo means to you. Our corporate logo design services do not end at collecting your requirements. Every piece of information you supply is of vital importance to us.

    What do we do?

    Turn every brand’s story into a powerful logo.

    We Research, Analyze and Study to design a logo that is Noticeable, Compelling and One of its kind. We blend our experience and creativity to form an exclusive logo.

    How do we do?

    Passionately work to describe a brand’s image.

    We carefully evaluate the need to approach a striking logo design. Our designing process is simple, effective and detailed. We use tools that help us create better designs.

    What Makes a Professional Business Logo Design Maker Important?

    Businesses are now heading towards a more refined way of communication. A business logo is a way to inform people about the core value of the business. It not only helps in branding and marketing the business but also leaves an impression in people’s mind. Most people get influenced by a logo that is attractive enough to hold one’s attention.

    At Rabbixel, we know what will work for a business and what cannot. Thus, we focus on working what may result as the best for you. We work to our fullest in order to create unbeatable business logos.

    We are proud to be an efficient corporate logo maker company.


      What is 6 + 9


      Expressing the highest potential of brands through creativity and hard work. Unlocking the unknown objective of brands in a unique and desirable way that become lucrative for brands. Keeping attention on the evolving design trends to meet future needs.


      Welcoming the diverse trends of the industry in order to generate designs that overcome competition. Making a deliberate effort to refine our thoughts to aspire people.


      Creating designs that develop powerful identities. Impacting people and brands through timeless logos. Understanding the new disciplines of designs to develop world-class logos.

      Our Work Process

      We believe in serving the most optimum design keeping our process simple and effective. Established as a corporate logo design company that values your time and money.

      Knowing Your Requirements

      Describe your requirements in details to get that perfect design. Reference and samples work as a bonus, giving us the right direction for the design you desire.

      Offering Multiple Designs

      Our designers do not want you to settle at anything ordinary, we want you to get the best. Thus, we offer you multiple designs, giving you the access to pick simply the best.

      Creating the Approved Design

      The next, we start working on the approved design by first, creating its vector design, then using colors, font style (if required), animation (if any) and so on. Our designers take a keen interest in matching the design while customizing with the details.

      Feedback and Revisions

      Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We would be glad if our designs work perfectly for you at the first go, however, we’re always ready to make the necessary revisions. Your satisfaction is our best reward.

      Why Choose Us?

      Our exclusive services vision to create compelling business logos for every industry.

      Our revolutionary team works together to bring expert assistance and professional know-how to serve business design logo services across the industry. We not just realize our client’s needs into logos but also work to make a difference in the market. We do not believe in following the standards, we try and create new standards.

      We offer an innovative and powerful platform for clients to come and get the most appropriate logo designs according to their needs. We are accommodated with the following traits:

      • Desired experience.
      • Design multiple logo options for every single project.
      • Exceptional creative skills that are unrivaled.
      • Plans that suit every client’s’ budget.
      • Multiple revisions.
      • Exquisite customer handling service.

      Born out of passion, we partner to develop the most successful business logos of the age. We express a brand’s story by adopting a new approach, corresponding to its needs. With a pool of talent, we tune-in with the current logo culture to develop efficient logos.

      Our team of expert designers keeps updating themselves on regular basis with the latest trends to craft visionary designs. We know every corporate logo must be ATTRACTIVE, UNIQUE and EYE-CATCHING. Further, it should:

      • function according to the business needs,
      • represent the objective,
      • develop a unique identity for the business.

      Our Promise

      Welcome Individual & Company

      Rabbixel is one of those corporate logo design firms who welcomes any and every type of client or company looking for a good corporate logo. No matter what size your business has, we promise to provide you with the best output.

      Quick and Efficient Communication

      Time is money. Our skilled professionals are always ready to answer your queries facilitating a smooth communication channel. We’re known for our effective communication services.

      100% Quality Designs

      Work with us and we promise to deliver you high-quality designs, rare to be found in the industry. We aim to analyse each business needs carefully, thus, recognized as the best business logo design company.

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      Rabbixel is a passion-driven creative agency for all your brand needs! Unique ideas, Visual artistry, Cutting-edge Designing, Branding.